Monday, June 18, 2007

Preliminary Report on Bob Bowman in Eureka

Dr. Bob Bowman (bio) spoke at the Wharfinger Building in Eureka Monday night, assuming the role of president for a speech he imagines giving to the Congress, the American People, and the world, upon his inauguration. It was not difficult to suspend disbelief - Bowman was Presidential in the classic sense. He took on countless issues and I have copious notes I hope to turn into a longer WDNC post before the end of the week. All I can deal with tonight is the question I asked following his speech:

What do you suggest We The People do when the government falls, either into martial law, or through some unitary executive directive, or refusing to leave office at the next election?

Bowman, who was outstanding on every issue he addressed and fully took on every question he was asked, spoke reassuringly about two instances when Nixon and Reagan had the nuclear button taken away from them. Bowman said there is an element of the military, which he encourages, that he says would not follow illegal orders, such as if Cheney directs a nuclear assault on Iran. It was as if he wanted us to feel like the scenario in my question couldn't happen, even though he knew that we all know it is possible.

So before he could conclude I interrupted: "what can WE do!?" This was the first time anybody in the SRO crowd had any reason to challenge him (though he was a bit roundabout in answering Dave Meserve's question about the European missile defense program). Bowman paused and then said that he is a peaceful man and he would hope that We The People could approach the situation peacefully. However, he added, that we have a Second Amendment for exactly this reason. He said he would peacefully put his body on the line to support everyone else's exercising of their Second Amendment rights. He also said that he would hope the military would encircle the People, and then turn their backs in and their guns out.

I can't really say what kind of response I was expecting, but this took me by surprise and just left me pondering. A few short minutes later and the event was over. A few people commended me for my question and I got into conversation with one of them. I think what we realized is that this is the question we as community organizers need to deal with, and now. I think we've all really known this for a while so likely this is just a dose of ruthless honesty hitting me now to remind me that it is literal when Bob Bowman comes to town and says we have to take our country back.


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I checked out his website and was very impressed. Wow! I would love to have him as a representative, or as you alluded, as President. Not only does he believe in the right things, but he's very intelligent, a good communicator, and has extensive military experience. It's a shame that our system pretty much relegates anyone honest to the sidelines, because it takes so much of the dirty side of politics to advance in the major parties.

Posted by Blogger khedges1 @ Jun 19, 2007, 11:19:00 AM
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